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How can Luna write my copy?
How can Luna write my copy?

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As you are probably familiar with, copy is the most important part of cold outreach. For too long, I've received the standard email message:

Hi Steven, I see you're working at Luna. {their pitch}. Let's grab a coffee sometimes and meet up. Best, {random name}

The thing is, when receiving this, I immediately know it's a bulk email. I know that they have not put any effort in, except for typing the most ineffective line possible.

If you want to stand out, connect to your leads, and move forward in the sales funnel, you need to be personal. You need to show these people you care, know what you're talking about, and most importantly, that you're reaching out for a reason. I personally want to know that you can actually do something for me before I dedicate my time.


That's why this is Luna's most important feature. Before reaching out to a lead, Luna's scrapes the website and social profiles, as input for the email. Using this input, we have every piece of information we need to write a personal message and increase conversion rates significantly.

To get a bit more into the technical part, if you think that's interesting, Luna uses the scraped information as input for a NLP algorithm. NLP stands for Natural Language Processing, meaning an AI algorithm that we specifically trained for sales interactions. Using AI, we can write personalized messages. This way, we make sure that every single outreach you do is unique!

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