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Adding colleagues to your team is completely free of charge.

Sales is more fun when you're doing it as a team! That's why you can add all of your team members to Luna and work together.

In the Settings tab, you can find an overview of your team members. This is where you can easily invite your colleagues to join your team. They will receive an email with a confirmation that they're invited to join the team.

Each new team member will finish an individual onboarding process, where they answer questions about their perfect prospects. Important to note is that Luna finds the perfect leads for every individual team member. It is perfectly possible for one team member to focus on SME's in Food & Beverages, and the other targets 10.000+ companies in Logistics. All within the same company.

All team members can do their own copy-deep-dive with Luna.

Luna keeps track of all team members, making sure that the same lead/company won't be in multiple funnels within the team.

Team work makes the dream work!

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