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Connecting my CRM: what do I get out of it?
Connecting my CRM: what do I get out of it?

In this article, I'll tell you all about what to expect when you connect your CRM system (HubSpot or Pipedrive) with Luna.

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Let's set the scene first: you're considering to use Luna for your outreaches since it looks like it'll make your life a lot easier. However, you've got this CRM where you manage all of your prospect and customer data that you already use, and manually updating this CRM every time you use Luna sounds like a huge pain.

Well, this is exactly what Luna's CRM connection is for! When you connect your CRM with Luna, all of your actions on the Luna platform will be automatically entered into your CRM. It'll feel like magic ✨

What does this mean specifically? I've composed an overview for you below πŸ‘‡πŸ½

  1. Automatic contact / lead creation for every approved lead
    Every time you approve a lead on the Luna dashboard, a new contact (or 'lead', depending on the CRM you're using) gets created. We enter information into your CRM about both the person itself and the company they are working at. No need to manually enter anything; it's all done for you.

  2. Automatic logging of connection requests, messages, and emails sent
    When you start using Luna regularly, you'll see yourself making a lot of outreaches on the platform. This comprises of multiple channels, depending on which channel you connect with Luna. All of your outbound communication with the lead will be automatically logged in your CRM, so you have one complete overview of all of your communications with every lead.

  3. Automatic logging of replies and accepted connection requests

    Even when a lead accepts your connection request or replies to you, it's logged under this contact's / lead's page in your CRM.

  4. Automatic follow-up reminders
    Whenever a lead is interested in hearing more about your business, Luna stops suggesting messages and you need to manually take over. If you've got your CRM connected, Luna automatically creates a task that reminds you to follow up with this lead.

  5. Prevent Luna from suggesting leads you already talked to
    Of course, Luna will never propose a lead twice either way. However, at the moment you start using Luna, it doesn't know about leads that are already in your CRM. Therefore, in case you decide to connect your CRM with Luna, Luna cross-checks every lead that's proposed with the leads in your CRM in order to make sure that the lead cards in your dashboard don't contain any of your customers or leads you talked to before using Luna.

  6. Automatic creation of deals and entering of deals into the right stages (optional)

    In case you connect your CRM, you'll be prompted to connect various events to the right deal stages. In case you do this, Luna will automatically create deals for leads and enter them in the stage you selected.

Alright, that's all of the reasons to connect your CRM with Luna for now! I hope I could give you a better picture of whether connecting your CRM with Luna is something you'd like. In case you have any questions left, we're always there for you via the chat bubble in the bottom right corner.

Speak soon,

Robin from Luna πŸŒ•

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