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After reading this article, you'll understand:

  • How an unlimited number of users (human or AI) can make use of the same company credits in Luna.

  • How to create a unique target audience for each user and instruct Luna with unique writing instructions for each target audience.

  • How to easily create reports and keep track of all the incoming emails your Luna profiles receive.

  • How to unlock Luna autonomous mode within minutes.

Steps to take

Step 1: Sign up and pick the right plan

In case you haven't done this yet:

1. If you want to use Luna for different propositions or companies, be sure not to enter anything under Company Description. Fill in only the following sentence: "See writing instructions".

2. Finally, choose a plan that matches the number of emails you plan to send through Luna. You can easily upgrade or downgrade every month. The more emails you purchase per month, the less expensive it becomes proportionately.

Step 2: Invite teammates / Add profiles

1. Use Luna's invite function to add the email address(es). You can add as many email addresses as you want.

2. Accept the invite and go through the onboarding process.

3. Connect the email address you just added to your team. Here you can find some help articles around connecting an email address.

Step 3: Targeting

Adjust your targeting settings here or further enhance them with our premium filters. To get the best results, we recommend narrowing down your leads until the leads found are in green (e.g. 10K-20K in the screenshot below).

Step 4: Copy deep-dive

If you have the targeting in place then all that remains is to do the copy-deep-dive with Luna (aka writing instructions). Give Luna as much relevant information as possible which the AI can use as input for writing the cold emails.

Optionally, you can also provide the AI with a certain structure that it should take into account, call-to-action or tone-of-voice. If you have any questions about any of this, send us a message in the support chat!

P.s. After the copy deep-dive, you immediately unlock Luna's autonomous mode. Keep reading to learn more about our autonomous mode!

Other relevant points to consider

1. Signature: Follow the steps in the Luna app to add a signature to the profile (Need help? Read this article). In the signature, you can also add a link to your website.

2. Do you have your own list of leads you would like to upload? That too is possible! Luna can even find the email addresses, the only requirements are first name, last name and website. We have written an extensive article about uploading your own leads in Luna. You can find more about that by clicking on the button below.

3. You can use Luna in manual mode and in autonomous mode. To unlock this, it is necessary to have done the copy deep-dive with Luna. Only then is Luna well enough trained so that it can actually send out winning emails. You can always switch between manual mode and autonomous mode. Need more information? Click the button below.

4. Forward all incoming replies to an additional email address? (Except for out-of-office messages). That too can be easily set up here.


Track number of people contacted, email sent , replies and optional open rate? You can do so via this link: Tracking is per user, soon we will expand this with more advanced features.

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