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Master the Art of Cold Emails
Why 90% of Cold Emails Fail – and How To Beat the Odds with Luna
Why 90% of Cold Emails Fail – and How To Beat the Odds with Luna

Discover the key mistakes most people make and learn how to fix them with Luna's expert tips.

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Looking to draft a cold email that stands out and actually works?

You're in the right place!

Let's glide through Luna's founders' tried-and-tested insights. 🌙

Why Cold Emails Fail

Too long, too boastful, too unclear.

These common pitfalls are unfortunately the norm in cold emailing. But with Luna's insights, you'll sail smoothly past them!

Key Takeaways:

  • Lengthy rambles that lose interest

  • Cluttered format, visually overwhelming

  • Selling features, not the dream

Luna's Cold Email Secrets


  • Direct, succinct messaging

  • Improved reader engagement and readability

  • Greater response and conversion rates

Practical Example:

Imagine sending this concise, outcome-focused email:

Hi [Name], 

Been admiring the way [Company_Name] improves HR professionals' productivity, it's brilliant! Efficiency is a game we both play, eh?

Ever thought about doubling your leads without doubling your efforts? Worth exploring?

[Your Name]

If you only read one section, make it this one!

Key Tips:

  • Keep it short: 75 words or less. Be succinct yet impactful.

    Attention spans are short. Your recipient is busy. Respect their time.

  • Whitespace is your friend: Break up your content. It increases readability and makes your email look cleaner.

  • Sell the dream: Don't go on about features. Instead, focus on the outcomes the recipient can achieve with your service.

  • Attention to detail: Ensure names and company references are accurate. Errors can discredit your entire email.

  • Consistent follow-ups: Think you've followed up enough? Send one more. Persistence pays off.

  • Begin with rapport: Your initial email shouldn’t come off as a sales pitch. Don’t directly ask for someone’s most valuable asset first: their time. Build a connection first, like striking up a casual conversation in a bar.

Pro Tips & Tricks

Why These Tips Matter:

  • Enhance recipient engagement

  • Maximize positive responses

  • Reflect professionalism and genuine interest

  • Autonomy without compromise

Trust the Process

Luna's AI has been designed to factor in countless variables to craft optimal email copies tailored specifically for your leads.

While it may feel different from the traditional way you've been drafting emails, our AI considers a large number of data points to increase the likelihood of a positive response.

Harness the Power of Autonomy

Luna's "autonomous mode" isn't just a feature; it's a game-changer. Once your settings are dialed in perfectly, Luna essentially takes over the heavy lifting, making cold email outreach as hands-off as you desire. It's like having a dedicated outreach team working round the clock.

Feedback Loop

The more you use Luna, the better it gets.

If you find there's a specific style or approach that works well for your audience, feed that back into Luna.

Over time, this approach will lead you to the moon 🚀

Personalization vs. Personal Touch

Luna crafts emails that are personalized to your leads. But remember, there's a difference between a personalized email and having a personal touch.

If you want to convey a unique message or sentiment, you can always add or tweak Luna's drafts to infuse your unique voice.

Leverage Luna's Continuous Learning

Our platform is always evolving. As the B2B landscape, communication preferences, and industry trends change, Luna learns and adapts. Regularly check in on any new features or updates we roll out to ensure you're making the most out of Luna.

Summing Up

  • Craft concise, clear emails

  • Make every word and whitespace count

  • Ensure every follow-up has a purpose

When you nail that cold email with Luna's insights!

Keep crafting 🚀

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