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How to Change Your Connected Email Account
How to Change Your Connected Email Account

Step-by-step guide to changing connected email account in Luna

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If you need to switch the email account linked to your Luna account, following these steps to easily update it:

  1. Log into your Luna account and go to the Settings page:

  2. Under the Email section, click the "Unlink account" button next to the currently connected email address. This will disconnect it from your Luna account.

  3. Once unlinked, you will have the option to connect a new email address using Gmail, Outlook or SMTP/IMAP.

    Need help connecting your new email address with SMTP/IMAP? Check this out πŸ‘‡

  4. Once you're done, you'll see the name of the linked email account
    E.g. You successfully connected your Gmail/G-suite email account [email protected]

And that's it!

Changing your connected email is a quick settings update. Just unlink the old and link the new, confirm the verification email, and you're set.

Your login will remain unchanged.

If you want to link a new account and change your login email address, you'll need to create a new one.

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